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Mexican Christian Mission

P.O. Box 50785

Irvine, CA. 92619

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2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello and Happy New Year indeed. I now live in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I have been trying to find an American Christian Church here where English services are performed. If you could please direct me to one here in Puerto Vallarta I would be so blessed!! I also would like to see about starting some basic needs program for the less fortunate and if you have been searching for a dedicated believer who can assist your MCM I would be more than happy to offer myself in what ever capacity I can. A Do Something Church for all the Americans who reside here is exactly what this beautiful enlightened place needs. I look forward to your response. Btw… I use to live in San Diego and The Rock Church was my home church, I watch Pastor Miles all the time on line since I have not found a home based church in English here. Thank you and look forward to communicating with you more;-) In Jesus holy name. Amen

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