Past Trips & Events

We want to fill you in on our initiatives, trips and events in Mexico. Feel free to read about a few of our past trips!

Family Food Runs – Tijuana, Mexico

What a joy to be used by God to bless other people! The Lord recently called on the Mexican Christian Mission to help a family experiencing severe financial hardship in Tijuana. Pastor Alejandro Quinones is suffering from Diabetes. His wife died last year. His oldest daughter, Damaris, has been bed-ridden all her life. His next oldest daughter stays at home to care for Damaris full-time. MCM provided this family with a huge food run including laundry detergeants and related items last week. This family was so blessed having never seen such a large quantity of food in their home!

On Friday Oct 12, MCM blessed the family of Arlen and Marisol and their daughters Valeria (10) and Jazmin (7). Arlen was let from work about 6 months ago. This family has really struggled recently to provide even the most basic needs. MCM blessed this family with a huge grocery delivery. The two girls broke down in tears of joy!

All of these Family Support runs are made possible by your generous donations. We have more planned for this month and throughout the remainder of the year.

June Human Trafficking Conference – Playas Tijuana

We celebrated a wonderfull conference in El Terco Restaurant in Tijuana. About 70 women attended and 15 were saved at the end of the program. It was a moving experience and we then decided to have more of these and to focus on Domestic Violence. We also hope to put together some men’s conferences as well.

In October of 2012 we celebrated our first men’s conference in SInaloa. 40 men attended and all 40 came forward at the end. One who was saved was a major drug trafficker! He had moved large amounts of drugs from central to northern Mexico over the past 8 years. Many in his group were attacked and killed, he woke up and realized he needed a change. The men’s conference with the movie “Courageous” provided the spark he needed.


Go to our Facebook Page to see pictures of our amazing Sinaloa trip!


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