Welcome to MCM’s New Website!

We are so excited to announce that our new web site is officially launched! This is fantastic way to keep in contact with our followers, demonstrate ways to get involved, post current news and let you know how you can be praying for our ministry.

If you would like to join our “Email Party”, email motz-mcm@hotmail.com, and you will receive MCM newsletters, upcoming trip information and other exciting news.

Looking forward to have you alongside us in this exciting journey in bringing God’s Good News to the people in Mexico and helping those in need.

God Bless,

Mexican Christian Mission

October 2014 Update:

* We celebrated the pornography conference for church leaders in east Tijuana on June 21. MCM has at least 2 invitations to repeat this event in other areas!

* In the last 3 months MCM has helped out about a dozen families. Most are women with young children and the father has abandoned the family. Your generous support is bringing incredible blessings to these families. In EVERY case the grocery run was the largest the family has ever seen!

* MCM purchased the pick-up truck for Pastor Leonel Vega. A 2007 Ford Explorer in excellent condition to replace his aging 1990.

* Pornography conference Saturday October 18 at 6PM in Colonia Rojo Gomez Tijuana. If you would like to attend please contact Stephen Motz at smotz@cox.net or 619-252-4863


Preaching the gospel in Matatan








November 15 2PM East Tijuana

A special community outreach to impoverished families. we willb e distributing hundreds of blankets to families for the winter season. If you would like to attend we will meet in front of the McDonalds at the Telegraph Canyon exit of I-805 in Chula Vista at noon. For more info contact:

Stephen Motz at (619)252-4863 or smotz@cox.net



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